Real Exotic

Real Potatoes specialty varieties

This gourmet potato presents somewhat regular shaped fingerling style tubers. Exquisa scores highly on cooked visual and taste testing panels and presents an alternative to these traditional fingerlings due to higher marketable yields and excellent storing capabilities.

Exquisa was selected by European retailers for a unique blend of highly appealing flavour, texture and visual characteristics.

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Purple Fiesta is a mid-season specialty potato. It produces a high set of uniform, smooth with shallow eyes, tubers suited to boiling, baking and roasting whole. Chips made from Purple Fiesta retain their bright purple colour and resist fading.

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MARIS PEER has established the industry bench mark for high gloss fresh market baby potatoes. Wide adaptability presents the opportunity to offer these potatoes as fresh from the field all season long sourcing from Southern and Northern regions according to market availability

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