Real Russet

Real Potatoes Russet's

Alta Cloud is a high yielding dual purpose Russet.  It produces very attractive, oblong shape tubers with shallow eyes and good appearance.  It produces a vigorous vine and can also be suited for organic production.

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Pacific Russet is presently the earliest Russet in the marketplace.  A fresh market Russet potato that will strongly compete for marketplace with Norkotah Russet and Goldrush.

Pacific Russet tubers have a bold appearance and present a potato that typifies a typical American style Russet Baking Potato.

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Caribou Russet is gaining popularity as a dual purpose potato that delivers classic russet flavors; its great mashed, fried or baked. It produces high yields and is easy to grow. It stores well, but storage management requires attention as the variety has a short dormany.

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