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Actrice is an early variety for the fresh marketplace. Actrice produces beautiful round-oval tubers with very good culinary qualities. Additionally, there is no after cooking discoloration. It is very well suited to washing and stores well.

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Alegria is a high yielding variety, dual purpose yellow fleshed variety.  An early maincrop maturity with a proven fresh cut french fry variety but also a fresh pack variety with a high marketable yield.

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Cascada can be easily grown for the Baby potato type marketplace.  Cascada produces short oval potatoes that are very smooth with bright skin finish.  In addition, the high marketable yields and excellent taste and culinary profiles will allow the variety to be sold in high end specialty packs.

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ELECTRA - as the name implies, the variety has an electrifying appearance.  Bold short oval tubers with a yellow skin and yellow flesh present a bright smooth appearing tuber, sure to catch the eye of today's consumer. 

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Gala remains firm following cooking and does not present after cooking discolouration. Taste is regarded as excellent and combined with a brilliant yellow cooked flesh colour, these uniformly sized potatoes is one of the foremost used varieties in the baby potato segment in North America.

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Lanorma has a bright porcelain appearing skin, generally absent of lenticels. This variety appears to have a luster like brightness that could establish a new benchmark for appearance of fresh market potatoes.  Maintains good appearance coming out of storage.

Disease resistance, high yields, flavour and appearance present an outstanding combination of traits that hold promise for producers growing Lanorma.

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Lucera is a very tasteful potato, waxy potato with a brilliant skin and vey high yield of baby typed sized potatoes.  The specifc waxy flavour makes it a unique variety. Due to an exceptionally high tuber count, it make Lucera an obvious choice for the baby category.  Combined with its long term storability, Lucera is a variety that can be available all year round.  

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Nectar is new age yellow flesh variety able to serve the needs of growers producing conventional size or possibly baby potatoes.  Nectar produces very high yields of A-­size potatoes. It produces a high number of tubers with very smooth bright skin and is very suitable for pre-packing.

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Picobello is a moderately early consumption potato.  The variety has a very bright smooth skin to give it a luxurious appearance and produces medium sized tubers, ideal for smaller type packaging.  Picobello has a very good taste with great eye appeal and its looks as good from storage as the day it was harvested. 

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 Soraya is a low input variety with a broad diseases resistance profile, making it ideal for organic production. It is a variety suited for different climatic areas and performs well throughout these regions.  It produces high yields of attractive, oval shapped tubers with shallow eyes. It stores well late in the season and is suited to washing and pre-packing with no discoloration after cooking.

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