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Varieties that represent the best in the white category

Argos boasts high yields under a wide range of climatic conditions. Nitrogen requirements are lower than other varieties and with good cultural care, harvest, storage, washing and packing are generally are not cause for concern. Argos is truly a farmers variety.

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Avalanche is a high yielding early maincrop with even sized tubers that set deep with no greening. Tubers are attractive and store well.  The principal culinary use of Avalanche is as boiled, mashed and fried.  Texture is waxy and does not disintegrate.  Avalanche grow well in hot climates.  It has a long dormancy and stores well. 

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Harmony excels in appearance with washed tubers and excels in the washed market.  Tubers are exceptionally bright white and firm following several months of cold storage.

Harmony can generate high yields with adequate moisture through the growing season and produces high tuber numbers per plant with an even size and shape uniformity.

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Moonlight is a very vigorous growing potato with a low nitrogen requirement. Moonlight a very grower-friendly potato.  Excellent all round eating quality and very suitable for pre-packing and processing into french fries.  Processing quality is excellent after medium term storage.

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Nadine produces a very high yield of bright attractive tubers for the fresh market,  It is a leading variety with a proven track record in both North Temperate and Warm Southern climates. NADINE is a variety favoured by producers as it is a dependable yielder of marketable product.

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Valor is an exceptional variety with a specific application for Round White fresh market trade. Valor can generate high yields under wide ranging climatic conditions and produces high tuber numbers per plant with an even size and shape uniformity. Growers specifically note very low cullage and high percentages of harvested tubers are actually packed and shipped.

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White Beauty comes with a lot of promise. Not only is it showing itself to be an excellent all-round cooking potato, it has a very nice taste and produces attractive bright white tubers that store well.  It is very suited to washing and pre-packing with no after cooking discoloration.

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