Real Chippers

Real Potatoes specialty varieties

Frosty Chip is an Early maturing chipper that is best suited for chipping from the field or early storage.  

Read more: Frosty Chip (W 2478-3)

Lady Liberty (NY152) is a late Maincrop chipping variety that produces smaller sized tuber profile thqn most chippers and a slightly textured skin.  Lady Liberty is the new standard for chip color consistency from early to late season storage and chips great direct from 46 F storage. Very suitable for the small snack sized pack market.

Read more: Lady Liberty (NY 152)

Manistee is a second early to Maincrop maturing variety with attractive round tubers that has excellent chip processing ability from short term and long term storage and has a proven record to chip consistenly longer from long term storage better than Snowden 

Read more: Manistee (MSL292-A)
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