Dakota Pearl is a mid season maturity, dual market variety with a high yield potential.  It produces beautiful uniform medium sized tubers that are bright white, great for the for the Fresh marketplace.  However the variety is suited well as an excellent field to storage chip transition variety that can be used for chipping until mid February to March. 

Utilization: Chip and Fresh Market
Maturity: second Early (95-100 DAP)

Yield: moderate to High 
Skin Color: White, smooth 
Flesh Color: White
Tuber Shape: Round 
Tuber Set: 11-13 
Dry Matter: 18.5-19.0%, lower than Atlantic and Snowden
Dormancy: moderate to long 

Variety Strengths: 

  • High resistance to Common scab 
  • High tolerance to Black spot bruising
  • Moderate resistance to pink rot 
  • moderate to High tolerance to mechanical damage
  • Moderate to high tolerance to tuber bruising
  • Very low incidence to Secondary growth, Growth cracks and Hollow heart
  • High resistance to black spot bruising
  • Low sugar accumulation in storage, can chip from 45F without reconditioning
  • Best performance requires frequent rainfall or irrigation
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