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: Fresh and Organic Markets
Maturity: Early maincrop (95-100 DAP)
Yield: High to very high
Skin Color: Light yellow, smooth
Flesh Color: Very light yellow 
Tuber Shape: Round oval  
Tuber Size: Large
Tuber Set: 9-11
Dry Matter: 18.0-19.0 %
Dormancy: Long
Storage: medium to Long

Variety Strengths:

  • High tolerance to Heat and Drought
  • High resistance to Fusarium dry rot
  • High resistance to Common scabLow incidence of Secondary growth, Growth cracks and Hollow heart
  • Moderate to high tolerance to Mechanical handling and bruising
  • Moderate to high resistance to Silver scurf and Black dot  
  • Resistant to PLRV, PVY, PVX viruses


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