Purple Fiesta is a mid-season specialty potato. It produces a high set of uniform, smooth with shallow eyes, tubers suited to boiling, baking and roasting whole. Chips made from Purple Fiesta retain their bright purple colour and resist fading.

Utilization: Fresh fingerling market
Maturity: Mid season
SkinColor: Dark Purple Skin
FleshColor: Dark Purple - high in antioxidant content
Shape: smooth, small, fingerling-shaped tubers
Number: high; with uniform sizing
DryMatter: moderate
Dormancy: medium
Yield: moderate

  • Good resistant to growth cracks and secondary growth.
  • Resist shatter bruising during harvest
  • Moderate resistance to common scab, powdery scab, PVY and net necrosis.
  • Susceptible to late blight in foliage and tuber.
  • Metribuzin can be used at labeled rates
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