Bettina has excellent agronomic, easily washable and very suited for pre-packing. The variety has a long dormancy which makes it ideal for late storage.  Bettina performs well under difficult soil and climatic

Utilization: Fresh, Organic Markets
Maturity: Maincrop (105-110 DAP)

Yield: High to very high
Skin Color: Yellow, slightly textured

Flesh Color: Light yellow 
Tuber Shape: Oval
Tuber Set: 12-14 
Dry Matter: 17.5-18.5 %
Dormancy: Long to very long
Storage: Medium to long
Variety Strengths:

  • High tolerance to Heat and Drought
  • High resistance to PVY and PVA viruses
  • Moderate to high resistance to Erwinia spp.
  • High resistance to Common scab
  • High resistance to Black scurf
  • Moderate to high resistance to Late blight on foliage and tubers
  • Low N requirement
  • Resistance to PCN nematodes (Ro 1-5)
  • Immune to field Wart

Can be produced on different soils, can be used for organic production and moderate nitrogen requirements.



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