Cascada can be easily grown for the Baby potato type marketplace.  Cascada produces oval potatoes that are very smooth with bright skin finish.  In addition, the high marketable yields and excellent taste and culinary profiles will allow the variety to be sold in high end specialty packs.

Utilization: Fresh Market - Baby Type
Maturity: Second early (90-95 DAP). For Baby production (65-75 DAP)
Yield:  High to very high
Skin Color: Yellow, smooth
Flesh Color: Medium yellow
Tuber Shape: Oval
Tuber Size: Small to medium
Tuber Set: 20-24
Dry Matter: 17.0-18.0 %
Dormancy: Medium
Storage: Medium to Long

Variety Strengths:

  • Moderate to high tolerance to Heat and Drought 
  • High marketable yield
  • Resistant to Black scurf
  • High tolerance to mechanical handling and bruising
  • Resistant to Internal rust spots
  • Resistant to Late blight in tubers
  • High resistance to PVY virus
  • Very low incidence of Secondary growth, Growth cracks and Hollow heart
  • Moderate resistance to Common scab
  • Excellent eating qualities and great taste profile
  • Resistant to PCN Ro 1, 4
  • Resistant to Wart disease
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