Picobello is a moderately early consumption potato.  The variety has a very bright smooth skin to give it a luxurious appearance.  Picobello has a very good taste with great eye appeal and its looks as good from storage as the day it was harvested.

Utilization: Fresh Market
Maturity: Maincrop (105-110 DAP)
Yield: High 
Skin Color: Light yellow, very smooth
Flesh Color: Light yellow
Tuber Shape: Long oval
Tuber Size: Medium to large
Tuber Set: 12-15
Dry Matter: 20.0-21.0 %
Dormancy: Medium long
Storage: Long

Variety Strengths:

  • Moderate to high tolerance to Heat and Drought
  • Moderate resistance to Common scab
  • Low incidence to Secondary growth, Growth cracks and Hollow heart
  • Resistant to Silver scurf
  • Resistant to PVYn and PVX viruses
  • Resistant to Late blight in the tubers
  • Maintains excellent appearance from storage
  • Good eating quality and good taste profile
  • Immune to Wart disease
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