Harmony excels in appearance with washed tubers and excels in the washed market.  Tubers are exceptionally bright white and firm following several months of cold storage.

Harmony can generate high yields with adequate moisture through the growing season and produces high tuber numbers per plant with an even size and shape uniformity.

Utilization: Fresh Market 
Maturity: Maincrop (95-105 DAP)
Yield: High to very high
Skin Color: White, smooth
Flesh Color: White 
Tuber Shape: Round
Tuber Size: Large
Tuber Set: 10-12
Dry Matter: Medium
Dormancy: Long
Storage: medium to long
Variety Strengths:

  • High tolerance to Mechanical handling and bruising
  • High resistance to Skin spot and Black dot
  • Moderate to high resistance to Common scab
  • Low incidence of Secondary growth and Hollow heart
  • Partial resistance to Cyst nematodes R01 and Pa2/3
  • Maintains a bright skin appearance in storage and transit

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