Variety Characteristics:
Lanorma (Bydand x Caesar) is a high yielding, round-oval, early Main crop table variety. It has a smooth bright yellow skin and light yellow flesh. It is ideally suited for all fresh market applications where appearance figures significantly in consumer buying behavior.  Tubers resist silver scurf and greening offering extended shelf life for today’s retail environment. Lanorma has good resistance to most common potato diseases.  It has a good dormancy and stores well. The variety is susceptible to dry rot (fusarium sulphureum) and late blight on tubers.

Seed Preparation: 
Depending on time of planting - cold seed should be warmed well in advance to minimize bruising during handling and to break dormancy.  Tubers may be successfully pre-cut.  Seed pieces should not be less than 50 grams (2 oz), and should be allowed to suberize properly under conditions of good ventilation, high humidity and moderate temperature if the seed is pre-cut.  Disinfect cutting equipment between seed lots. A seed piece treatment against soil born diseases (fusarium sulphureum) is recommended.

Wait until after soil temperatures have reached 7oC (45oF).  The seed piece depth should be 5-8 cm (2-3") under most conditions in well drained soils. In-row spacing of 22.5 cm (9") for cut and 25 cm (10”)  for whole seed for the production of table potatoes should be adequate, closer spacing could be used for seed potato production. 

Plants are medium high, fairly rapid development with good cover.  It produces white flowers. Fertilization should be base on a soil test result.

Lanorma requires a moderate fertilization,about 150 kg per hectare (130 lbs. per acre) of applied nitrogen should be used for table production and 100 kg per hectare (115 lbs. per acre) for seed potato production.  Split N.; ¾ at planting the balance at tuber initiation. Base Phosphorous and Potassium applications on soil analysis. Lanorma requires a large hill to prevent tuber greening.  It is moderate sensitive to the herbicides containing metribuzin, apply at low label rates as pre-emergence. The  variety is widely adapted and perform best to with a regular supply of moisture to maximize yields.  Maintain a preventative spray program to control blight.  It is suggested to apply two applications of Ridomil, the first when the largest tubers are nickel-sized followed by a second application 10-14 days later, to prevent storage diseases.


Harvest and Storage:
Lanorma does not give problems with vine-killing. Tubers should be harvested dry and handled with care to prevent mechanical damage. Allow a minimum of 21 days between top killing and harvest to promote skin set.  Apply a treatment of the fungicide thiabendazole to control Fusarium and silver scurf. Avoid free moisture in storage and keep potatoes at a consistent temperature.


The above information is based on production experience in Atlantic Canada.  It is believed to be accurate, but performance may vary under different management or climatic conditions.


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