A European bred variety with multiple resistances, making this a very grower friendly and sustainable variety.  Although a rustic variety, Ciklamen has become a red creamer standard in North America in recent years.  It produces short oval potatoes that have a smooth bright red skin and a creamy white flesh.  In addition, Ciklamen has a high marketable creamer yield with excellent taste and a great culinary profile that will allow the variety to be sold in high end specialty retail packs.

Utilization: Fresh Market - Baby Type
Maturity: First Early as a baby type (65-75 DAP)
Yield:  High 
Skin Color: Red, very smooth
Flesh Color: Cream

Tuber Shape: Short oval
Tuber Size: Small to medium
Tuber Set: 18-24
Dry Matter: 17.0-18.0 %
Dormancy: Long
Storage: Medium to long

Variety Strengths:

  • High tolerance to Heat and Drought 
  • Sets ~18-24 tubers per plant, depends on physiological age of seed
  • High creamer marketable yield (18-45 mm)
  • Low N requirement
  • High resistance to PVY, PVX, PVA and PLRV viruses
  • High resistance to Common scab
  • High resistance to Late Blight
  • High resistance to Rhizoctonia on the stems
  • High resistance to Blackleg
  • Good tolerance to mechanical handling and bruising
  • Resistant to Internal rust spots
  • Very low incidence of Secondary growth, Growth cracks and Hollow heart
  • Excellent eating qualities and a good taste profile
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