Volare produces a high yield of attractive tubers for the fresh market.  Volare is one of the earlier varieties in the white marketplace for maturity, producing uniform bright round potatoes, an excellent choice for fresh pack operations and early season sales.

Utilization: Fresh Market
Maturity: second early (85-90 DAP)
Yield: High
Skin Color: White, smooth
Flesh Color: White

Tuber Shape: Round oval
Tuber Size:  Medium to large

Tuber Set: 10-13
Dry Matter: 18.0 %
Dormancy:  short to Medium
Storage: Medium to long

Variety Strengths:

  • Semi tolerant to Heat and Drought.
  • Moderate to high tolerance to defects and mechanical handling
  • Moderate resistance to late blight
  • Moderate resistance to PVY virus
  • Moderate resistance to Black leg
  • Moderate resistance to bruising
  • Low incidence to Hollow heart, secondary growth, Growth cracks
  • Maintains excellent skin appearance 
  • AVOID use of Metribuzin herbicides
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